Lead. Love. Live. Wholeheartedly.

Welcome to Wholehearted Coaching! My name is Amaechi. What are your Best Hopes...?

...from coaching or therapy?... for your career?... for your family dynamic?... as a couple? My name is Amaechi and I specialise in helping people get unstuck and to move forward with clarity and energy. I provide a safe space for you to explore what you want different in your life, identify what is already there and find a path to you realising it, one question at a time.

Who am I and why do I want to help you succeed?

In a quest to support others in unleashing their wholehearted selves, I started Wholehearted Coaching, focussed on helping you lead, love and live more wholeheartedly, and at your best - whatever that might mean for you. Although I'm a qualified Counselling Psychologist and experienced executive coach, I really consider myself an Awesomeness Activator. My focus is on supporting you as you rediscover your strengths and internal resources. At its essence my job is to help you describe a reality in which your desired future is integrated into the life you have right now.

My work has spanned countless interpersonal and geographical contexts including start-ups, established corporates, charities and clinical work, as well as the occasional sports field and dance floor (and even a dog show once).

I currently provide online coaching services to several companies in Germany, South Africa and Tanzania, as well as working at an in-person clinic in Dar es Salaam.
I'm a bilingual native German and English speaker, so feel free to reach out in either language.

Amaechi Nduka-Agwu

Counselling Psychologist (HPCSA reg. PS0102733), MSc (Johannesburg), BSc (Liverpool), ACSFP Candidate 2021 (BRIEF UK)


Live. Love. Lead. Wholeheartedly


For any individuals seeking a change in their lives. From wanting to make a drastic turnaround to just tweaking a few little things.

Couple & Family

Life stresses, routine and the busyness of day to day life can lead to frustrations in relationships. Couples perhaps stop seeing each other the way that they used to and instead start seeing problems.

Corporate & Executive

“If you think you’re leading and no-one is following you, then you’re only taking a walk” – Afghan proverb. Leading is about more than being the one in front, and transitioning into a leadership role can be tricky.


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