Wholehearted Coaching and Counselling

What does your Wholehearted look like for you? As a family, couple, leader or organisation? I am registered Counselling Psychologist and through coaching, group facilitation or psychotherapy, I help people answer those questions for themselves as they navigate the challenges of life, love and leadership.

Als ausgebildete Psychologin biete ich Psychotherapie, Coaching oder Teamberatung an, sowohl fuer private Klienten, als auch fuer Organisationen, z.B. das Coaching von Fuehrungskraeften.

Amaechi Nduka-Agwu
Counselling Psychologist, MSc (Psychology) (Johannesburg), BSc (Hons) Psychology & Health Science (Liverpool), HPCSA PS0102733


Live. Love. Lead. Wholeheartedly

Amaechi Nduka-Agwu

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed?

In a quest to support others in unleashing their wholehearted selves, I founded Wholehearted Coaching, a company focussed on helping the world lead, love and live more wholeheartedly. As a qualified Counselling Psychologist with many years of executive coaching experience, I really consider myself and Awesomeness Activator. My focus is on recognising strengths, identifying resources and creating a clear picture of a desired future. I have worked in various contexts which included the realms of professional athletes, prisoners and adolescents living with HIV before starting to focus on the world of work. Wholehearted Coaching also provides team building, leadership and career consulting services and is currently based in Johannesburg and online, with plans to expand into East Africa early 2017 (watch this space for updates).

As a native German speaker, I will be glad to provide all services in German or English.


Contact me if you’d like to book a session or meet for a consultation. The best way to get hold of me is by filling in the form below. I will be in touch via email to chat about the next steps.


    (Don't worry if you're not sure what you need yet - we can figure it out together!)
  • "You asked the right questions. I was shocked when you first said ‘What is working in your life right now? You also said ‘What do you want to say yes to?’ These questions made me realise that I spend most of my time thinking about the things I don’t have instead of being grateful for what I already have"

  • Amaechi, is a vibrant speaker that makes one feel comfortable. Enjoyed the discussions and different personality profiles.

  • In trying to make what I thought was a difficult decision, Amaechi patiently and persistently helped me see that the solution to my dilemma was much more simple than I could have imagined. She clarified my thoughts by listening to my concerns and then helped me find my passions amid my complaints and fears by pointing out where I was putting the most energy into my words and even my posture and gestures, which solidified my choices. 

  • Coaching is effective. It gives you the space and time to be introspective and it's good to have someone neutral to call you out when you're talking nonsense or being a diva - Amaechi was a great coach.